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Every first Tuesday of the month, the AADMD Student & Resident Sub-Committee hosts interdisciplinary webinars for clinicians to learn from colleagues in a patient-centered manner with the purpose of encouraging comprehensive care provision to patients with IDD.


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Medical / Legal Issues Relevant to the Patient with IDD

Henry Hood, DMD

Tuesday, Dec 4, 2018 | 8:30pm EST


Since 1998, Dr. Henry Hood has dedicated his entire professional life to the care of patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). As Chief Clinical Officer of Advantage Medical Corporation, his principal focus is the creation and management of patient care, teaching and research programs serving patients with IDD.

Dr. Hood is co-creator of the Lee Specialty Clinic model, an innovative patient care, teaching and research program, providing collaborative interdisciplinary health services to approximately 1200 patients with IDD from sixty counties across the Commonwealth of Kentucky, who live in a variety of residential settings. See:

Dr. Hood has created multiple predoctoral and postgraduate developmental dentistry clinical and didactic teaching programs. He has authored book chapters and scientific manuscripts published in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Poland and Japan. Dentists and dental students have come from around the world to study under him. In 2011, in recognition of his leadership, the Kentucky Board of Dentistry designated the Lee Specialty Clinic as an independent teaching program.

Dr. Hood is the co-founder and Past President of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry, the nation’s first and only interdisciplinary professional advocacy organization of physicians and dentists with expertise in the care of patients with IDD.

Dr. Hood has served as a consultant to national managed care organizations, assisting in the development of risk stratification and the design of health-home program models focused on individuals with IDD.


Dental Medicine (DMD)

IV Sedation (Certificate)

Nursing (ADN)

Respiratory Therapy (CRT)


When providing dental care to patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), some of the more complex issues with which a dentist must deal include guardianship, behavior management and obtaining informed consent. Opinions, indeed, clinical paradigms often diverge on some of these very issues.

At the outset of this lecture, the discussion is framed within the context of the doctor-patient relationship. The discussion then moves to an examination of the principles that should guide a reasoned decision-making process in the management of the patient with IDD. Also addressed in this lecture is the impact that intellectual disability can have on obtaining informed consent, obtaining a (frequently complex) medical history and managing challenging behaviors.

Dr. Hood will also establish step-wise protocols for procuring meaningful informed consent when caring for a severely intellectually disabled patient who has not been legally adjudicated incompetent, and for whom no legal guardian has been designated.


The participant will:

1) Identify the major medical / legal issues relevant to the delivery of dental services to patients with IDD.

2) Understand the importance of the doctor-patient relationship in dealing with medical / legal issues relevant to patients with IDD.

3) Understand the impact that intellectual disability has on the informed consent process, the obtaining of a health history, and the management of challenging behaviors.